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With a core mission to tirelessly pursue distinctive business opportunities, EDG’s investment philosophy centers on due diligence, market assessment, and realistic valuations of prospective ventures. We target our investments to projects that fulfill unmet or underserved consumer needs, in both large and rapidly growing markets.

We firmly believe that the primary factors that determine the success of a business – whether a start-up or high-growth company – are its executive team, its products or services, and its business model. Because a prosperous company not only creates customer value but also protects a significant portion of the value created, we work with companies to create solid strategy and implement a scalable operating infrastructure, ensuring long-term success.

If you would like to be involved on an investor level and gain access to our unique business opportunities, submit your online application today. Once received, one of our representatives will contact you to verify your credentials, and we’ll then begin the review process.




Ukraine Project

EDG partners with entrepreneurs around the world who have unique, breakthrough ideas or companies in high growth market.

We focus on sectors where our expertise and connections can make an impact, including Real Estate; Internet & Digital Media; Communications & Mobility and HealthCare.

By working closely with our premier investors partners in Europe, EDG gains further insight into best practices for building outstanding companies and identifying significant market opportunities before others.

This approach has been critical to build lasting, market-leading companies while delivering leading returns for investors.