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Capital Seeking

Funding is critical to every business, often serving as the linchpin that determines a company’s success or failure. Here at EDG, we are proud to offer crucial support to visionary entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and growing companies with progressive technologies and business models in both emerging and high-growth markets.

Our key investment areas include:

Real Estate Development Projects
Communications + Mobility
Internet + Digital Media
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Biopharmaceuticals + Diagnostics + Medical Devices

If you are seeking capital for an exciting project or company, we can assess your venture and determine if it meets our investment criteria. Simply submit a business plan or executive summary via our website, and our Investment Committee will review it within three to four weeks. Due to the high volume of applications we receive daily, all communication is carried out via email. If you have any specific question related to your investment query, please email us at

Capital Seeking



Ukraine Project

EDG invests in emerging leaders of rapidly-growing markets. Our investment program helps entrepreneurs with bold new ideas, raising up to $50M in capital.

We look to partner with visionary teams and their compelling ideas. We seek entrepreneurs who can offer an elegant solution to market needs, helping create industry-defining companies.

If you have an innovative idea or a product validation, a strong core team, a competitive advantage and an indisputable financial projections, EDG is your path to the top.

Simply submit your application today and our Investment Committee will review it within three to four weeks. If you have any questions regarding our investment program, you can contact us at